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BORUI RP&M CO,.LTD to provide customers from product design to prototype verification, rapid mold manufacturing to the small batch production of the all in one service.

To meet the needs of different customers in different sectors of customer's different low-volume demand, we have three different solutions:

A: rapid silicone mold and vacuum casting (for 200 the following plastic production)

Features: complex structure, uniform wall thickness, must meet the functional requirements of the small batch trial production prototype

Advantages: high precision, fast production cycle.

Two: RIM manufacturing reaction injection molding: (100--1000 pieces of plastic production)

The characteristics: the product has the advantages of simple structure and large thick wall panel and the uneven wall thickness products of small batch production.

Advantages: has the advantages of high efficiency, short production cycle, simple process, low cost advantages

Three: aluminum alloy products of small batch processing.

The company has 16 sets of CNC machining centers, customers can provide high precision aluminum products processing services.

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