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Borui Rapid Prototyping Technology Co., Ltd is a Company, specialized in rapid silicone and precise prototyping technology, with CNC Precise Machining. Borui is the country's leading supplier of rapid prototyping, has the ability to provide the customer one stop service, from model design to prototype verification, from rapid model manufacturing to small batch production.
Borui has the latest rapid prototyping equipment, including laser rapid molding machines, large CNC machining center, three coordinate precision testing instrument, vacuum type injection machine, carved machine, UV machine, etc. So does the technical team, all our engineers have 10-year experience in prototyping.
The advanced equipments, skilled engineers, make our products satisfied our customer, both in the products appearance and the products quality. We can follow the customer’s improvements no matter in design or quality, and also provide rational suggestion to reduce the development cost and development cycle of the products and the risk of product improvements.       
Borui take QUALITY IS LIFE and MAKE MODELS IN YOUR WAY as our principle. And win the support and trust from all our customer. And now we have customers from different industries all over the world.